Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Flying is still in GTAIV (just not in planes)

Flying is still in GTAIV (just not in planes): "

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Among the details revealed about GTAIV a couple weeks back was this little tidbit: 'No planes.' Many readers were understandably miffed, as flying is one of the more entertaining things to do in Grand Theft Auto. Fear not, fanboys, for we have discovered that flight has not been removed from the series. Game Informer's Andrew Reiner recently spilled the beans whilst speaking to GTANet. According to Reiner, the city is really too small for a plane to make sense, but other craft -- like helicopters -- will definitely make it into the game. That, obviously, is the big news, but Reiner revealed a few other details as well. The camera has been adjusted while driving, making the game feel more like Midnight Club according to Reiner. Also, Reiner was very impressed by the game's visuals (no pop up or loading screens), and notes that retail will look even better than what he saw. He also hints that characters from previous games may make an appearance.

Hit the 'read' link for the full interview.

[Via IGN. Thanks, Rodney]
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