Friday, April 20, 2007

Microsoft patent filing reveals "multi-component" gaming plans

Microsoft patent filing reveals "multi-component" gaming plans: "

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It looks like Microsoft has more than just games on Zune in store for the future, with a recent patent filing revealing the company's plans for a 'multi-component gaming system' that would incorporate of an array of devices, including game consoles and handhelds. Apparently, the various devices would be connected either wired or wirelessly, with the processing capabilities and functionality of the devices 'augmented' when used in combination. Some of the potential uses given include devices sharing storage space with another, devices running games stored on other devices, and handhelds 'taking advantage of the console gaming device's greater processing speed.' Of course, this being a patent application, there's no indication as to when any of this may actually see the light of day, nor is there any details on the 'dedicated handheld gaming device' that Microsoft refers to throughout the application, though we're pretty sure what it's not.

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