Thursday, April 19, 2007

PS3 1.70 Firmware Out, Adds Downloadable PSone Game Support

PS3 1.70 Firmware Out, Adds Downloadable PSone Game Support: "

PHOTOSHOP WIZARDThe PLAYSTATION 3 firmware has been updated to version 1.70 and includes a handful of changes, mostly related to PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games. Here is the full changelog embedded in the installation process.

  • You can now download PlayStation format software from the PlayStation Store and play it on the PS3 system.

  • You can now use saved data for PlayStation format software on the PSP system.

  • You can now use the vibration function of accessories that are for use with PlayStation and PlayStation 2 format software.

The PlayStation Store still lists the currently available PSone Classics for the PSP only. Tomorrow will see the weekly update to the PlayStation Store, however, so we won't be surprised when PS3 support is added for these downloadable titles.

I've done a quick look around for any other updates in the Cross Media Bar but so far nothing noticeable has caught my eye. Let us know if you spot anything.


(Via Kotaku.)

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