Sunday, April 22, 2007

Rumor Confirmed: Best Buy To Have Wiis Tomorrow

Rumor Confirmed: Best Buy To Have Wiis Tomorrow: "


We reported earlier that there was a possibility of Wiis appearing in Best Buys tomorrow but we didn't have any solid evidence. As usual, our faithful Kotakuites spread out like an army to gather information and within hours I received four separate emails with photos of tomorrow's circular showing that indeed Best Buy will be stocking Wii's tomorrow. Each store will be getting a minimum of twelve units and of course larger stores will probably be receiving more. Word on the street is that Circuit City will also be stocking the elusive system which probably means some other retail outlets will be getting them as well.

If you manage to nab one tomorrow, congratulations! If not..well... there's always next month.

[Big thanks to everyone who sent one of these in!]


(Via Kotaku.)

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