Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wiis at Kmart this Sunday

Wiis at Kmart this Sunday: "

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It will be months before manufacturers will be able to meet the Wii demand and end its shortage, but you might not have to wait until then to get your hands on the supply-constrained console. Kmart's latest circular advertises that the retail chain's stores will have Nintendo Wiis in stock next Sunday, but we doubt that the systems will stay on shelves longer than a few minutes.

It was just this morning when a few of you confessed to us about not being able to acquire a Wii yet, so this must be a sign from the heavens! Or from Ace of Base! If you're still looking for an opportunity to buy the console, especially considering this week's Super Paper Mario release, here's your chance. You won't even have to go broke over outrageous eBay prices or offer up your unsullied body on Craigslist! Jump past the post break for the Kmart flyer.

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