Friday, April 20, 2007

Downloadable PSone Games Playable On PS3 In May

Downloadable PSone Games Playable On PS3 In May: "

FLASH! AAA-AAAAHHH!!Following last night's PLAYSTATION 3 firmware update, which added support for downloadable PSone games to be played on the PS3, that we'd see such games appear on the PlayStation Store. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

IGN followed up with Sony to find out exactly when we'll get that capability, a function of the PS3 that was expected by the end of 2006. The response?

We'll be replacing the older PS1 games with fixed versions sometime in May. Once the new games are uploaded, you'll be able to download the games straight to your hard drive and play them from there.

Plus, Sony clarified that users who have already downloaded the PSP-only versions from the store will not have to re-purchase the game for play on the PS3. Now, if we could just get some decent PSone games...

PS1 Downloads on PS3 Explained [IGN]


(Via Kotaku.)

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