Friday, April 20, 2007

iPodMods offers 100GB upgrades for iPods and Zunes

iPodMods offers 100GB upgrades for iPods and Zunes: "

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The folks at iPodMods have already managed to cram a 40GB hard drive into a Zune (among other mods), but that apparently wasn't enough to whet their appetite for storage, with 'em now taking things even further by stuffing 100GB drives into both Zunes and iPods. In addition to the standard Zune, both 60GB and 80GB iPods will apparently accept the upgrade without too much trouble, with 30GB 5G and 5.5G iPods also able to accommodate the change, albeit with a slightly modified back cover. Whether that added storage space is worth the $300 price tag for the hard drive or not (or more if you're wary of the self-install route), you'll have to decide for yourself.


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