Friday, April 20, 2007

So Sony AREN'T Considering Price Cuts?

So Sony AREN'T Considering Price Cuts?: "

SCE.jpgI am so confused! Only yesterday, the President of Sony came out publicly and said they were 're-examining' the PS3's pricing. But today Sony have have issued a statement saying:

PS3 prices and shipment plans for the future should be determined by market trends and competition. Sony currently doesn't have any specific plan to cut the PlayStation 3's price.

So...they're saying the President of their company is full of shit? Perhaps. Note the wording, though: they 'currently' don't have any plans for a price cut. Ryoji Chubachi said yesterday they were in the process of 're-examining' the price point, so of course they don't have a specific plan to cut the price. They're still looking. Doesn't mean they won't have one when they're done.

Sony Rejects Price Cut Plan [Next Gen]


(Via Kotaku.)

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