Friday, April 20, 2007

Gran Turismo 5 confirmed to have no damage to vehicles?

Gran Turismo 5 confirmed to have no damage to vehicles?: "

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We say confirmed with a question mark because the debate is still up in the air, but apparently there was a little scuffle between a group of message board visitors and a Gran Turismo development staff member regaring the issue of damage to the licensed cars. The staff member worked on Gran Turismo HD and is hard at work on Gran Turismo 5, which is awesome. But here are a few quotes from the guy worth scratching our chins over:

  • '...We're not ready to implement damage until they can be shown in a truly authentic way (which is extremely hard work if you think about it).'

  • Damage in Gran Turismo would make the franchise unstoppable, don't you think? He responds: 'No I mean, really, really, really hard work... to the extent of creating another game, almost. From our standards, what other games are doing is 'simplified damage'. You know how [anal] we are when making our games... we would want to simulate every single dent differently.'

Not sure why they bleeped out anal -- it's a perfectly appropriate word, because Polyphony Digital really does get down to the most painstaking detail when crafting these games. So what's this sound like to you? The staff member who said this checks out. He's completely legit (but we can't reveal the obvious). We're saying there won't be damage this time. Maybe for GT5 A-Spec or something. I dunno. I won't mind. Besides, you're not supposed to crash in the driving sim games.
[Thanks, derrickgott007!]
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(Via PS3 Fanboy.)

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