Sunday, April 15, 2007

Latest Leopard build shows new Mac OS X appearance

Latest Leopard build shows new Mac OS X appearance: "

It has long been speculated that Apple would change the brushed metal interface in Mac OS X to more closely resemble the iTunes appearance. The latest Mac OS X 10.5 build 9A410 shows us exactly that, a unified appearance that rids the operating system of the brushed metal look. The appearance change is relatively subtle, and looks almost identical to what the freeware utility UNO provides. With the release of Leopard pushed back until October, will the Mac OS X interface undergo more changes? Time will tell. Read on for screenshots of the latest build.

Image courtesy of AppleInsider More screenshots of the unified GUI are available at Flickr and TomWrote

If you like the unified appearance in the above screenshots and don’t want to wait until October, be sure to check out UNO, a freeware utility that provides an almost identical interface change to Mac OS X 10.4.

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(Via OS X Daily.)

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