Sunday, April 15, 2007

Update: Guitar Hero II Update Fixes Whammy Bar Issues

Update: Guitar Hero II Update Fixes Whammy Bar Issues: "


So, it seems that all is not well with the recently released GH II patch for the 360. While many people have reported that the update fixed all their whammy bar issues, I have gotten quite a few emails claiming that the new fix has caused the game to freeze up and in some cases even given them the dreaded red ring of death. No official word from Red Octane yet on the situation, but I'm sure by the time Monday rolls around we'll hear all about it.

Of course, there is no solid proof that this particular patch is the cause of these issues, but it seems pretty likely considering the number of people reporting this problem, all of whom just downloaded the patch. At this point, if you were having whammy bar issues you can try downloading the update, but be warned that it might cause some issues with your system's functions. But, as they say, You rolls the dice, you takes your chances.


(Via Kotaku.)

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