Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rant: V-Tech Shootings, Violence, and Paintball

Rant: V-Tech Shootings, Violence, and Paintball: "

Obviously this V-Tech shooting is a horrible tragedy, and it never should have happened - nothing like that should ever happen. But yet it does, and as I watched the news report the topic of violence in teenage lives inevitably came up. I just rolled my eyes at the discussion unfolding with the host subbing in for Glenn Beck on his show on CNN and the guest speaker.

Right away it jumped straight to violence in video games, TV, movies, media…and yes, they mentioned paintball. Right there on public television broadcasting to millions and millions of viewers tuning in to get the latest report on the incident, and the host says ‘I just took my son out paintballing for his 12th birthday, and I have to think…how is this contributing to the violence he is exposed to?’

It may as well been a slug to the face, because here we are - responsible paintballers -trying our best to make this sport a reality; one that millions can enjoy. I can somewhat tolerate the dumb people who just use it for minor offenses like paintballing school windows or what have you, been when you deliberately categorize paintball as a violence-promoting sport - well that just PISSES ME OFF. Millions of viewers saw that, and I know how the media holds sway over what the people think.

And naturally the argument on firearm bans followed shortly after. Seriously, what good is that going to do? Do you honestly think that a person will forfeit the guns they own to the government? I think not. So what if theoretically it was passed and guns are banned in the United States? That isn’t going to stop the violence and will only make it just somewhat harder for criminals to get their hands on them, but money talks, and for the right price, anything can be bought.

If this trend towards violence is going to change it will have to come straight form the parents. Who else puts more influence on the person that a child will become? I see it all the time at school. The druggies and heavy drinkers all come from a poor family life, most coming form the poorer parts of our city. Perhaps the parents are always out working to support them, or just so tired they can’t constantly keep their eyes on them, but either way something isn’t connecting. I honestly believe that’s where 90% of the problems arise.

Sorry, this was just a rant that built up as I watched the media after this shooting. I’ve had these feelings for awhile, and it feels good to get the word out, and it also feels good to take a stand for violent video games and paintball! I’m an avid fan of both. I play MoHAA, CoD2, BF1942, Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball and dozens of others. I listen to loud, angry music. I watch violent war movies. I’m guilty of every accusation toward violence in a teen’s life…but never will I harm innocent people, never.

Bad parents - I blame you!


(Via Paintball Journal.)

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